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9/29/16 08:00 pm - IKEA is a four letter word


I gave it a chance, I browsed the store a few times, I assembled a bunch of the furniture, I basically filled my room with it.

But let the record be clear: I hate IKEA.

9/28/16 01:53 pm - Because memes

You know the drill--Describe yourself in three fictional characters.

Bishamonten (Noragami)

Miho (Fancy Lala)

Hotohori (Fushigi Yuugi)

9/25/16 10:11 pm - Digication.

THE WHOLE INTERNET HATES MY COMPUTER RIGHT NOW. If it's not one thing it's another and another. I have been trying for two hours now to watch Kokuhaku, and I am very slowly 6:43 into it. This is after signing up for CrunchyRoll for reliable streaming, which was after discovering that PayPal forbids me to access my account until I jump through some very stupid, geographically limited hoops, trying to log on to LJ to vent about this and my password not working (which is why I'm typing this in a different program right now and will copy and paste it later), and in general, MY INTERNET IS TERRIBLY SLOW so I need to pause very minute or two to let it load.

SO ON THAT NOTE, while I need to pause it anyway, I might as well do a play-by-play here with my reactions.

Spoilers so many spoilers spoilers everywhereCollapse )

(like, yeah, please don't spoil anything for the last 2/5ths of the movie)


EDIT: It took 16 hours of frustration and patience, but I have now seen the whole thing (unless there is anything after the ending theme, which I have yet to see because everything is going so slow). So here we go! The rest of my pause-by-pause!

Tento-feels and a whole lot moreCollapse )

9/13/16 06:32 pm - Okay. So I'm a teacher now. Or at least I'm acting like one.

Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle....... or at least that was the song going through my head.

Sooooooo........ I still gotta get used to this and speaking in ways that my students will understand, but I've got good kids so far in the three classes I've taught. My other three classes start next week. For now I'm just trying to remember everyone's names, and I had them write some notes for me on what they want to get out of the class. For as hard as it was to pry much interaction out of some of them, it was really nice to see their notes, and that so many of them want to get better at expressing themselves!

Okay!! I'm here to help!


I've already loosened up a lot, though I think I could have stood to be looser in the drama class I taught today. They'll eventually loosen up too. We're going to have fun. We're all going to learn things. Somehow we're all going to put on a play.

Four of them.

In order news, I'm slowly adjusting. I'm little by little getting more of a rhythm in my schedule, and I'll have more of one once I'm in full swing teaching. I'll start adding activities like Chinese lessons (in the morning at a place right by my work with teachers I got along with really well at the free lesson, yaaaay~), and some kung fu somewhere, somehow, for some price, and when I have the time and money, tea lessons. The tea things worked out very nicely, I was telling a couple coworkers on the subway that I want to learn more about Chinese tea, and the British guy who runs the tea house with his Chinese wife overheard and gave me his card. Turns out it's not far from my apartment, and when I found them one Sunday afternoon, we had a very nice conversation.

And this morning I made matcha for seven of my coworkers. It was a bit clumsy not having all my usual tools, and something did not taste satisfactory about the matcha, but the motions of preparing the tea for people really brought me back. The person who I was in Japan is still there inside me, but very necessarily overshadowed by my Chinese speaking, drama-teaching self.

We have a few days off this week (and then a make-up day on Sunday, which apparently is A Thing in China) for the Mid-Autumn Festival/Lunar Festival. This has always been my favorite Chinese holiday and this is the first time I'm spending it in China. But it's going to rain, so.........

I will probably write several thousand more words of fiction of the following days, but I'll probably work on lesson plans as well. And then I've got more Razzle-Dazzle to do next week.

9/9/16 10:17 pm - Oh crepe



With the exception of a brief 6:30am jog around the neighborhood, today was my first day off exclusively spent at home.

I'm needing to dive into different areas of creativity. I have a lot--a lot--of creative work waiting for me in the office this week, as well as students to impress (I need soooo much genki). I need to think in terms of marketing, work place harmony and dynamics, program development, classroom management, lesson planning, and more obviously, with good sense for choosing/editing/writing scripts and envisioning theater productions.

So this weekend I sat back down with a novel I started on recently. I wrote the first scene on an evening in June, had edited it a couple times since, and I added more while I was chilling in Saitama. I opened it up again last night to review it, organize some notes, start drawing a map, and then added a little more to get me into a new scene.

And today I wrote 9000 words.

It feels great. It feels so great that I sang and danced about having cheese for my pasta while I was--for the first time here--cooking my dinner. The cats worried about me. I was having a blast.

Now I need to get ready to go up in front of 160 10th graders tomorrow (and more nervewrackingly, the teachers and my predecessor/coach) and convince them that a theater class is worth taking.


8/27/16 02:18 pm - Nihao, I'm alive

Quick update, as this is the first time in over a week I've even bothered turning my computer on. I made it to China, my roommate's cats like me, work looks fun but daunting, I went to the emergency room for food poisoning, and I'm still not unpacked.

And I still haven't seen the new Akatsuki no Yona OAD. This makes me sad.

8/15/16 09:01 am - Uh... so... like, where am I?

The answer to that question is "still Japan."

Leaving Matsue was emotional but in a lot of ways perfect, that was just about two weeks ago. I'm primarily been crashing with my friend in Saitama, took a few days to go on a great trip to Kanazawa with crsg, and just spend the past few days with a friend studying in Tokyo right now. It just started to hit home yesterday that I'm leaving Japan on Friday and starting life in China.


It's so hard to process things right now. I feel I died leaving Matsue, and now I'm just a ghost hanging around. What do you mean, I have to pass on??? What do you mean, there's a world beyond this one?????

It's because things feel so in the air that I can't process things well. But frankly, even if I do waste a few hundred dollars rescheduling the flight due to more paperwork delays (but theoretically the company will reimburse me??), or in a worst case scenerio, not being able to enter the country and having to book a flight back to the US to reassess my life, things will be okay. This period of my life is keeping the plight of refugees, for whom things are far more uncertain, very close to my heart.

7/26/16 11:35 pm - I figure living in China will make me a stronger and more patient person. Sweden is not helping.

I'm crying with tears streaming down my face. I think it's fair to say I'm stressed out now.

It's 11:26pm on Tuesday night, I have going away parties tomorrow and Thursday, and I am leaving my apartment on Friday morning and I am not quite packed. There's still a few hours worth of work to do. That said, I got a lot done today.

But one thing I had been putting off thinking about was my bedroom furniture in China. It is a huge relief that my roommate has already moved in, and that she's arranging so much for me. But choosing bedroom furniture was stressing me out anyway. And today she sent me a reminder that we need to hurry up and order at least my bed. She gave me a few IKEA suggestions and the option of a cheaper source, but she really wanted me go with IKEA because that would be easier for her.

I wound up deciding I probably shouldn't do a bunk bed even though I really wanted one (darn it, why can adults have bunk beds!?), so I wound up spending several frustrating hours today looking through IKEA and drawing to make a layout that would be functional and not use up much space, and not look terrible. Apparently I'm in the "looking at IKEA designs makes me irrationally angry" camp.

I thought I finally got it figured out, and asked her to check if they would fit in the room according to the layout I sketched out for her, and later she replied that I shouldn't have the bed on that side of the room because the feng shui would be bad.

And I, whom rarely curse, opened my mouth and replied, "Fuck feng shui."

And then I started crying.

7/22/16 08:19 pm

I'm on an early 90's fantasy anime kick. XD Besides being hooked on a couple Weathering Continent and Record of Lodoss War theme songs, Highly enjoying the Arslan Senki OVA, and watched an episode of RG Veda yesterday for kicks and giggles. Ahhh, early CLAMP, I love you and your ridiculous character designs.

Oh, speaking of, did I share this? For this year's coloring contest lineart, my friend requested a guy and a girl in fantasy armor like in Magic Knights Rayearth.


That was a few months ago that I finished it though. XD More recently I drew a bunch of much more simplified armor because it suddenly dawned on me that I should make thank-you illustrations for my naginata teachers, so I made five of them (yeah, it took a while. As if I have all the time in the world. HAHAHAHAHA). And I figured while I was at it I should make a thank-you illustration for my kimono teacher, and although I already gave my tea teacher a vase from the US as a thank-you, I feel guilty not making something for her too. Oh well! I'll show up empty handed tomorrow to say hello one last time.

So after a long series of near constant outings (and more recently good-bye parties), I suddenly started crying when I was in the car with a friend today and she said her mom wouldn't be as mopey about me leaving as her dad would be because she feels like I can always "come home." And yeah, the sound of the word "kaeru" started very sudden waterworks. Not full on crying, just "please, keep talking, but don't look at me, something is leaking out of my eyes. Oh dear, there's more of it, it won't stop, how strange."
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