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10 January 1989

I AM A DORK. That will tell you most of what you need for this journal, as it's pretty much reserved for my fannishness. Mostly manga/anime-related fannishness, but fannishness for just about everything. It's usually spaztastic, but if you're looking you might find a touch of seriousness every so often! Gasp!

I have a lot of fandoms, mostly in the anime/manga strain. My most prolific fandom is Fushigi Yuugi, my most influential fandom is Digimon, and my favorite object of fandom is Please Save My Earth.

Since I bring it up a lot, it might help to know that I'm trying to become trilingual, and am fairly proficient in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. Not surprisingly, I'm a fan of many elements of their associated cultures, too. Not to mention I live in Japan, and probably a part of Japan you're not familiar with. Therefore, learn more about the San'in Region on my blog: here!

Friending totally welcome, since you're probably as big a dork as I am in some way or another, but a little intro would be nice so I can friend you back. ★

Keeper ofShimon's diary
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Sefuru's facial expressions
Takamichi's kodachi
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Angelique Blog Crew:: I'm Zephel!
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Blog Crew:: I'm Fujihime!
Juuni Kokki Blog Crew:: I'm Shoukei!
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Looking for scanlations of Boku o Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari (sequel to Please Save My Earth)? Read them here on Tsuki Scans!

Looking for my translations of the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de novel by Ayumi Hashidate, "Yangoto Naki Mune no Uchi"? They're here (although these were my first translations ever, so they might be hard to look at! I apologize XD):
"After the Day of Monoimi"
"Unstoppable Things of the Heart" (Part 1) *VOLUME 10 SPOILERS*
"Unstoppable Things of the Heart" (Part 2) *VOLUME 10 SPOILERS*
"The Day of the Lost Cat"

As for the 28 constellations from Fushigi Yuugi, have you been wondering about what Shukuyou you were born under and can't find the instructions I posted before? It's here. (I'm Hatsui!)
Or how about those pictures of Fuji TV for Odaiba Day (aka "Celebrate Our Love For Digimon" day)? Not to worry, that's here.
My stamps from rating communities are here! Though I haven't done them in forever...
Here is my progress on Jin Yong's kung fu fiction!

Ah, and the reason I have this LJ in the first place, my Fanfiction.net account! Mostly Fushigi Yuugi works, but a few others too: read them here!

About the layout: The art was done by me, and my sister was nice enough to put it together for me~~~

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